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How Hypnotherapy can help with Pain...

Hypnotherapy can have a dramatic impact on helping you deal with pain by encouraging you to relax and to take back control of your thinking and your life, in turn alleviating some of your symptoms so that you can lead a more fulfilling life. 

Some of the key ways Hypnotherapy can help to reduce pain…

• Encourages you to focus on the positives in life, thereby reducing stress and anxiety

• Improves your immune system function by reducing cortisol levels

• Aids better sleep by reducing your ‘stress bucket’ (where we store our negative thoughts)

• Relaxes tense, tired muscles through use of a relaxation CD resulting in a positive impact on the nervous system

• Helps you to focus on what you ARE ABLE TO DO rather than what you ARE NOT ABLE TO DO

• Promotes your ability to live in the moment rather than constantly looking back or trying to predict the future

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