Heidi Hardy Hypnotherapist North Devon

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Relaxation for You ...

All my clients receive a free relaxation CD/Mp3, to help them relax, as part of the therapeutic process. You may like to take time out of your day to listen, or as you close your eyes to go to sleep you can let my voice gently guide you into a nice deep and relaxing sleep. Enjoy!

Track 1
(Relaxation HH)

Mindfulness ...

10 minutes mindfulness mediation a day to help you stay calm, relaxed and focused throughout your day.

(Mindfulness Mediation HH)

Relaxation for your Child ...

You can also access a short story to help relax your child too.

Lets Pretend

Relaxation for Pregnant Women ...

A gentle track to help pregnant women take some time out to relax with their baby.

01 Track 1