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What my Clients Say

Anxiety “I found the initial consultation very clear and easy to understand. Hypnotherapy has helped me to become more positive and calm - my emotional and mental health has improved. My anxiety has decreased significantly, and life is easier and more enjoyable now! Thanks again Heidi!” DE, Bishops Nympton, April 2024

Health Anxiety "After experiencing Hypnotherapy my emotional and mental health has improved dramatically. I no longer have the dull ache present in my arm where my anxiety was manifesting. I can now quieten my mind and just enjoy life. I still use the sleep track every night to help me get off to sleep but I generally sleep soundly with minimal interruption.

Hypnotherapy allowed me to focus on the positives and look forwards rather than dwelling on what had happened. It gave me the ability to rationalise my stress and anxiety so that I could process and move on from it. My stress ‘bucket’ management has got a lot better, meaning that I’m able to focus and control my thoughts so much better. You’ve been amazing at getting me back to the place that I wanted to be. I couldn’t have done it without you." AL, Bideford. February 2024


Emetophobia (14yr old) "Before I met Heidi I was panicking all the time and really struggling attending school and social events but within a few sessions I felt more positive. And I am now able to distract myself if I ever feel panicky or feel anxious though coping mechanisms Heidi has taught me.  I felt really comfortable with Heidi and really enjoyed our sessions. Heidi is easy to talk to, I knew she would always listen to me." JE, Chivenor. January 2024

Anxiety / Sleep "The initial consultation was really clear and I liked the in-depth explanations of how the therapy would work. I feel like I entered the process with a really clear understanding, and this allowed me to feel very assured and comfortable as we progressed.

I am in a much better headspace and I feel that I am also more able to manage everything life throws at me now. I find it a lot easier to put things aside and relax in the moment. I also have more energy to do things now.

Sleep had always been a struggle for me but now I find it much easier to nod off at night.

I am noticeably in a much calmer and happier place since starting hypnotherapy. I feel like I have the tools to manage stress and a busy lifestyle, and I’m also enjoying the things I used to enjoy so much more again." CC, Ilfracombe. June 2023

Anxiety / Fear of Flying "From first contacting Heidi, meeting her for the first time, and in subsequent sessions, she was professional, welcoming, humorous, open and positive.

The initial consultation was great, Heidi made me feel at ease and relaxed. We had a long chat about my issues and about me and my family. She explained how the sessions would work and explained by both dialogue (and diagram) how the therapy worked, and how it would allow me to manage anxiety in the future. She also provided me with a relaxation track which was a tremendous help too.

I was very wary about Hypnotherapy, but was willing to give it a try, I’m so glad I did. Heidi dispelled any fears that I had about it, and through dialogue and being put in a trance-like state it enabled me to understand myself better. I find that I can handle situations that I previously found very difficult with more confidence because I now realise where my fears comes from. Heidi also helped me overcome my ingrained fear of flying, my subsequent flight non- stop to Australia was a revelation, no nerves at all, I was amazed, and extremely grateful to Heidi for this. I would recommend Heidi to anyone that has anxiety or other issues that this type of therapy can assist with." BJ, Barnstaple. May 2023

Public Speaking "During the initial consultation I felt very welcome and reassured that hypnotherapy was the right choice of therapy for me for my issue - anxiety around giving a presentation (speaking in public). The therapy was delivered in a professional and empathic manner. Since experiencing hypnotherapy my emotional and mental health has improved – my ability to relax and sleep well.

I was able to deliver my presentation without experiencing physical anxiety eg panic attacks. I was in a similar scenario a few weeks later and taken by surprise. I was asked to present and be assessed / tested for my competency at work. For a couple of seconds I felt my heart beating really fast but instead of this leading to feelings of anxiety and panic, I was able to catch it then reason that I had nothing to fear as I knew my subject. I wanted to prove how good I was rather than run away. Ultimately I excelled in the assessment. I felt this was a direct result of working with Heidi." LJ, Holsworthy, September 2022

Confidence in Relationships "The initial consultation included a description which was perfect, interesting, and so helpful seeing diagrams too.  Heidi is 100% professional! I felt at ease talking with her, comfortable knowing there was no judgement just understanding and care. Experiencing hypnotherapy online, via Zoom, meant I didn’t have to travel and could work from the comfort of my own home; not only because I am a busy person but also I felt safe and secure being at home. For a long time I lived in fear of not coping on my own and always thinking I needed a partner to survive – financially and as well as meeting my emotional needs. Since hypnotherapy I no longer live with that fear. I am so much more confident in myself. I would always recommend people to Heidi." KL, Saunton, July 2022


Anxiety, 10 year old client by her mother  "Heidi, you were extremely approachable so I felt I could ask anything that I hadn’t understood. We were apprehensive of how it would work at first but it actually worked really well and we quickly got into a routine; and my daughter felt at ease with you very quickly. Hypnotherapy has helped me think more positively now (my daughter’s words). Sessions with Heidi have helped my daughter to understand her thought processes better and given her the tools to turn situations around for herself using a positive mindset, this has helped her to reduce levels of worry and anxiety. Thank you Heidi." WP, Landkey. June 2022


Anxiety & Depression  "The initial consultation was very informative and it left me feeling positive that hypnotherapy could help me. Heidi is very professional and caring. She is warm and friendly, and I found it really easy to talk to her. As a person who much prefers to meet in person I was unsure how I would feel about online hypnotherapy. Heidi is so professional and friendly I almost forgot it was an online experience. A friend recommended her to me but I am not local to where she is so going online meant I could have Heidi as my hypnotherapist as distance wasn't an issue. It worked very well.

I have taken medication for anxiety and depression in the past. I was at a really low point when I contacted Heidi and I was considering going back on medication even though I was very reluctant to. I am delighted that my mood and attitude to life has changed so much for the positive, I no longer feel I need to go back on medication. Since experiencing hypnotherapy my emotional and mental health has improved hugely. I’m now sleeping well and my ability to relax has improved.

Hypnotherapy has helped me to make positive changes so I achieve more in both my personal and work life. I am able to think more rationally and instead of focusing on the negatives; if a challenging situation arises I am able to cope and look at ways in which I can make it easier for me and learn from it/succeed with it. I have taken control of my life. Hypnotherapy for me has been a very empowering, useful and positive experience. Thank you Heidi” PA, Bristol. February 2022

OCD & Emetophobia, 9 year old client by her mother

“I really wasn't sure what to expect, but found you to be very open, clear and warm in our first consultation, and you explained clearly how hypnotherapy would work. The therapy was delivered in a professional and caring manner, my daughter felt incredibly comfortable with you.

I was initially concerned about the therapy being online rather than face to face, although I needn't have been.

My daughter has overcome her repetitive tapping, excessive hand washing and sanitizing, and the need for constant reassurance that she won't vomit. She has therefore been able to get on with being a child and enjoying playing with her friends and going to school without a dark cloud of fear hanging over her.” TR Bideford, Devon. February 2022

Anxiety “The initial consultation was a good introduction and explanation of how hypnotherapy works. The therapy was delivered in a friendly but professional manner. The experience of hypnotherapy online didn’t feel massively different, relatively the same experience as in person. My sessions have helped me understand about my ‘stress bucket’ (stress level) and how before it was in a state of constant spillage. Now I am able to pause before reacting, think more from my ‘adult brain’ (rational mind) and respond sensibly instead of reacting emotionally. WS Barnstaple, Devon. December 2021

Anxiety “It’s hard to explain, 3-4 weeks into hypnotherapy, it flipped a switch. Maybe it was a new way of thinking or a simple understanding that I could change my mind or maybe it was the tools given. Either way I can confidently say it was a remarkable point in my life. I am still practicing, still learning but can’t quite believe I was where I was, now I feel so in control and knowledgeable!” MA, Kettering, November 2021


Anxiety & Depression, unhealthy relationship with food “I found the initial consultation very helpful indeed. I was very open minded to hypnotherapy but didn’t know a lot about it. The initial consultation took me through not only an explanation of the anxiety and stress I was feeling, but also the science behind hypnotherapy and the way the brain works. It made it really clear how the sessions would work and what to expect. It was very reassuring!

Every session was run really calmly - I never felt a bother or that we had to rush. The sessions followed the same format each week which meant I knew what to expect. It was easy talking to you as you were very approachable and friendly - it put me at ease.

The online sessions actually worked really well. Although I have never experienced face to face hypnotherapy, I found the online sessions convenient and effective.

For me, being more aware of what was going on in my own body gave me the strategies to control and minimise the anxiety and stress I was feeling. Talking through the many ways that I can find time in my day to relax also helped. One of the biggest things was just thinking completely differently about my anxiety. Looking forward and learning to become solution focused has led to huge change in my behaviours day to day. I am far more of a positive voice both at home and at work.” JT, Barnstaple, November 2021

Unwanted/Obsessive Thoughts I’m a naturally solution focused person so this type of therapy, which focuses solely on positives and solutions, suited me way more than others I’d briefly tried. Heidi understood me, I didn’t feel judged or afraid to be honest. She’s helped me to change the whole way I see things. I’d say 100% to anyone looking for help “Try This!”. WA, Ilfracombe, November 2021


Stress/Anger Hypnotherapy has enabled me to become more relaxed and cope with difficult situations, and reduce my stress levels. I am now in a much better place. SP, Parracombe, October, 2021


Body Image When I began hypnotherapy body image/dislike consumed all of my personal thoughts. Through therapy I have spent less time fixated on these issues and feel more at peace within myself and about myself. BM, Bideford, October 2021

Trypanophobia (fear of injections / hypodermic needles) I thought it was just going to be trance work, should have realised the clue's in the name - HypnoTHERAPY! All was explained thoroughly, and I felt relaxed although I find it difficult to speak about myself Heidi made it easier. I've never had hypnotherapy before on or offline however I found it to work very well online. I'm more relaxed in general, I don't get wound up so much, worrying about little unimportant things. It's enabled me to think more positively about life. And of course, I’ve had my first Covid jab and had some blood taken! PT, Barnstaple, May 2021

Anxiety (with a focus on unfamiliar food) I found the initial consultation very helpful and informative, and it put me at ease! The online experience was very convenient and not much different from experiencing it in person. The therapy stops excessive worrying and the ways anxiety manifested itself for me, overall it has improved my quality of life dramatically. MC, Ilfracombe, March 2021


Self Esteem/Body Image - Hypnotherapy has given me my life back and I am positively living my life and mentally growing stronger and more positive every day. I have benefited greatly from hypnotherapy but not just me, my lovely husband and children too. My husband struggled to watch my battle with food and body image, anxiety, low self esteem, and the crippling sadness it caused. It completely took over and affected every part of my life.

I am no longer focusing on the past, the things I cannot change. I feel I am truly living instead of existing. Hypnotherapy has changed my life. Heidi is the nicest, kindest woman with complete empathy for others and their personal struggles. I can’t praise Heidi enough and highly recommend her; she is easy to talk to, professional and a pleasure to know.

I am a married 43 year old woman with a big family to care for. I work for the NHS as a Health Care Assistant. I met Heidi in June 2020, when she was recommended to me by a very close friend who had experienced hypnotherapy with Heidi and benefited greatly from it. I was not sure what to expect; however during the initial consultation Heidi listened as I talked about my current struggles. I had been suffering for many years with body image issues after difficult childhood trauma. My self esteem, thoughts about myself were at an all time low. I was caring for everyone else but not for myself.

I believed that I would never be able to overcome my struggles. Heidi was reassuring and explained how hypnotherapy could help, and over the last 7 months we have worked closely together. I was given a MP3 relaxation track to listen to, to help with sleep, and Heidi encouraged me to keep a daily notebook of the good things in each day. At first I really struggled to do this because my pattern of thinking was so negative but it soon became an enjoyable and easy part of my daily routine.

I had also struggled with my relationship with food and couldn’t look in the mirror without negative thoughts about myself. With Heidi’s help I have gone from not being able to eat a balanced diet, missing meals and poor exercise to eating healthily, taking daily walks and being more positive in every aspect in my life. BM, Bideford, January 2021

Depression This is what this client said about how they have found hypnotherapy and therefore chosen to change their career path…

"Over the last 4/5 years, I have experienced troubles with my mental health in the form of depression and post traumatic stress. I have tried EMDR treatment, CBT and Counselling to try and resolve these issues. They all have their place and helped with some of the symptoms but I was still left feeling stuck in a rut, constantly battling to keep my head above water. Hypnotherapy with you has been the only thing that has made a noticeable and marked difference to my life. For the first time in years, I’m not relying on alcohol to self medicate and I’m exercising again. I’ve experienced first hand the real difference it can make. Why on Earth would I not want to be able to train in hypnotherapy and pass this feeling on to other people!" OA, Basingstoke, December 2020

Lacking in Confidence to Drive Hypnotherapy helped me to feel calmer and more able to drive (which was my main purpose); it also helped me to focus on myself and take time out for me regularly, and find more relaxation techniques to use long term. BS, Barnstaple, December 2020

Emetophobia, this client is now an SF Hypnotherapist I will be forever thankful to Heidi for helping me. It took me ten years to realise that this work was my calling too and if I could have the privilege to help others improve their life, the way that Heidi helped me, I’d be on the right path.

Ten years ago, I was 27 years old - I appeared happy, great husband, two lovely children, nice home and a good job. Except I was far from happy. I lived my life in fear and panic, from the moment I opened my eyes in the morning, to the moment I closed them at night. I suffered with Emetophobia, an overwhelming fear of being sick. I didn’t even know it had a name to begin with. As a child I had always been afraid of sickness. Everyone told me it would disappear when I had my own children and that my maternal instincts would take over but they didn’t. It got worse and not only did it manifest in severe anxiety and panic attacks, it made me feel like a really, really awful mum. I wasn’t like other mums who seemed to deal with this stuff so easily and without a thought. It was crippling, I felt as though I had failed my children. I couldn’t physically help them or comfort them when they were sick - I was a mess. It would break my heart. I was so lucky to have the support of my husband and my mum, who would literally sweep in, take over and deal with the situation.

The fear got bigger and bigger. We didn’t overly eat out. I would keep them home from school at the slightest mention of a tummy bug. A holiday, seeming like the perfect time to rest and recuperate was hard going. I was SO out of my comfort zone. My anxiety was on another level. Those closest to me knew, a few friends, colleagues and family of course. But I used to hide my shame and sadness by laughing it off.

Thankfully, I was introduced to Hypnotherapy and it was a game changer. Something that had had such a hold over me for so many years felt like it had been erased from my life. I didn’t realise how bad it was at the time, I’m not sure you ever do, until you look back and realise just how far you’ve come. Rachel Snow, Solution Focused Hypnotherapist October 2020

Diagnosis of Bi Polar wanting help with concentration to study "I would recommend anybody who is considering hypnotherapy to contact you. The talking side of things is an important aspect. All the daily grind that brings on stress can be resolved. Dealing with issues and putting them into perspective really does help and having less stress in your life can really change your life for the better. I was sceptical at first but I wanted to give it a try and it really does work." JL, Barnstaple June 2020

Smoking Cesssation “Heidi puts you at great ease, so please do not approach hypnotherapy with Heidi with any worries. She’s friendly, warm, kind and informative. Her knowledge of her profession is sound and you will learn a lot. She has all the right elements you need for this journey from her guidance, her warmth, her humour and her experience. Meeting with Heidi is like meeting an old friend, that’s how comfortable you feel. I went to Heidi to give up smoking, and already I’m going back for more of what she can offer. Just open a dialogue with her, you’ll soon find yourself embracing the experience.” Jay, Suffolk, March 2020

Anxiety & Depression” Heidi thank you. I cannot explain what you did for me but all the positivity has made me a different person. I am much calmer, happier and relaxed than I have been in years. I thought being in isolation would be hell but I am calm and clearing cupboards, doing craft and doing my Boris walk. The sun shining may also be a factor but having you in my life has been a massive positive.” WB, North Devon, March 2020

Anxiety & Stress ”Heidi was friendly, caring in what she did and said which made me feel more relaxed. Hypnotherapy has helped me to see things differently and put things in place to help. My symptoms have nearly gone which means I can focus on other activities I want to do, which in turn has helped me be more relaxed.” Anon, North Devon, March 2020

Smoking Cessation “Hi there Heidi, Almost a whole year! Still haven’t had a smoke. Thank you for your help.” RP, Somerset March 2020

Anxiety & Anger ”I now know how to deal with things mentally and keep everything under control. Looking after myself is key. No more stressing about day to day life. I’m a better person to be around now. No more doom and gloom!” KM, Torrington, November 2019

Smoking Cessation "After many years of failed attempts to stop smoking using every method available from the NHS, plus a few other methods besides I decided to try hypnotherapy via Skype with Heidi. Whilst I have managed to stop for short periods previously the difference this time is I have absolutely no desire to ever be a smoker again. The tools the hypnotherapy session gave me have allowed me to dismiss the ever decreasing triggers every time they have occurred. The greatest aspect of being a non-smoker for me is the great deal of extra time and energy I have for day to day activities and tasks. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Heidi’s services for this and look forward to the rest of my life as a Non-Smoker!" KP Milton Keynes, August 2019

Depression ”Since Hypnotherapy I have been much more appreciative of what I have, while also being more optimistic about my future. I believe I am now a better friend, son and brother to the people close to me. I am also more content in spending time alone or outside due to my improved confidence.” CD Barnstaple, July 2019

Anxiety & Stress ”Hypnotherapy helped me realize I am in control of my feelings and also taught me how to relax. I am now more in control of my negative thoughts, and enjoying life a lot more. Thank you Heidi!” GS Clovelly, North Devon, July 2019

Anxiety & Stress ”I immediately felt at ease. Heidi is both very kind and practical in her approach. I have been able to enjoy relaxation again. Something I now realize I had forgotten how to do! To have this balance restored in my life has been invaluable.” SJ Barnstaple, May 2019

OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) ”I would say that I am now living a normal life again. I can also do things that I couldn’t do before including having the courage to move house!” HD Barnstaple, May 2019

Smoking Cessation ”I have still NOT smoked at all - it’s been 9 weeks now - since my appointment with Heidi!"

RP Somerset, May 2019

Confidence & Self Esteem ”Heidi was very professional, very friendly and easy to talk to - I immediately felt at ease. She took the time to explain how the therapy works, and her knowledge of how the brain works gave me confidence that the therapy would work, and it did! I looked forward to my weekly session, and I missed them when they finished!

The therapy has taught me to be less negative and a lot more positive in my outlook. It has improved my confidence in social situations because I no longer worry about what other people think about me. It has improved my sense of self worth. I now have the confidence to just be me without feeling the need to apologise. I now accept myself for who I am, and I am more aware of my own good qualities. I am continuing to use the techniques Heidi taught me and my confidence continues to grow day by day.” OL North Devon, March 2019

Disrupted Sleep due to persistent cough ”I now sleep every single night and have only woken up once since experiencing hypnotherapy. When I did wake up I just went straight back to sleep as a result of the learning/therapy. Hypnotherapy has completely changed my mindset and how I think when going to sleep. I am going on a hen party weekend next week and feel happy to share rooms with friends and not worry about keeping them awake. Thank you.” SK Barnstaple, February 2019

Depression / Weight Management “I just wanted to give you a little update on my situation since I stopped sessions with you. Over the last two months I have been weaning myself off of my meds and now, for the first time in over 10 years, I am completely free of anti depressants, and I am actually happy! I am the queen of positive thinking and I don't let anything in my ‘stress bucket’! I put it all down to you and the hypnotherapy sessions I had. My life has completely changed and I just wanted to say thank you so much!” SM Barnstaple, November 2018

Anxiety ”I was able to move forward using the tools and information you gave me to cope with how I felt. I achieved my goal of flying to our first family holiday, which I am thrilled about!” HK North Devon, November 2018

Snake Phobia (Ophidiophobia) “I immediately liked Heidi and warmed quickly to her approach which meant I could trust her to help me. There were no uncomfortable barriers. Her explanation of the process was clear and easy to grasp. My morbid fear of snakes has diminished. The other benefits are hard to put into words – it’s more a general feeling of emotional and physical wellbeing promoted by the tools of positive thinking that the therapy leaves with you.” SH Somerset, March 2018

Childbirth “Hypnotherapy gave me the ability to think calmly and logically – thus reducing the emotion and stress from my thought and decision making processes!" EJ Barnstaple, February 2018

Anxiety / Depression “Hypnotherapy has definitely boosted my confidence. Since I’ve been seeing Heidi I have conquered a lot of things I never thought I could do." CK Barnstaple, February 2018

Over Drinking “Hypnotherapy really helped me regain control, and realize that my issue was a symptom of other things I had to find ways of addressing – through self reflection and acceptance. I use your techniques regularly now, and feel better than I have in a very long time – thank you.” CL Barnstaple, January 2018

IBS “Just talking about how the brain works put everything in perspective. Always having less in your ‘stress bucket’ means you can see everything differently. And Heidi is a lovely lady, and very easy to talk to which also helps.” LJ Barnstaple, November 2017

Depression “I was in a depressive spiral downwards. I could not see my way out of the fog surrounding me. Hypnotherapy cleared the fog, lowered my stress levels (‘emptied my bucket!’), and showed me how to look differently at life.” KS Barnstaple, October 2017

Social Anxiety ”After spending a lovely day shopping in Bristol yesterday, with some lunch in a nice restaurant, and no worries whatsoever about who might be 'looking at me' I want to thank you for helping me over the last few weeks. I was sceptical at first, as many people probably are, as I'd never read anything about hypnotherapy but I am now eating my words as you have done so much more than my tablets and counsellors etc ever have! You have given me the opportunity to slowly but surely help myself by acknowledging what is happening in my head and working on doing things to change the way I feel. The knowledge of what is happening in a person's head and why is invaluable when it comes to finding ways to combat it and I would never have had that chance if not for you. I feel so much relief in knowing I'm not just 'messed up' and it's something that can be changed after all, and I really can't thank you enough for taking the time to help me, you really have changed my view on everyday life and that is something I never thought possible!” DS Lynton, August 2017

Psychogenic Pain "For starters it was nice to know in depth where my anxiety came from and why it happened. The therapy is natural so I didn’t have to worry about side effects of medication. I struggled with the physical symptoms of anxiety and had pains everyday which I worried about. I also struggled with socializing and large crowds. I now have no pain at all and I haven’t visited my GP since hypnotherapy – I used to take Propanodol regularly but have had none since. I can talk to people easily now and no longer dread the day ahead until I go to sleep so that I don’t feel anything. I AM HAPPY! Thank for your help - I couldn't imagine the effect it could have had. I am happy now and can barely remember the feeling I had every day before I came to see you. Thank you so much." MC Woolacombe, August 2017

Blushing ”Heidi is very friendly and you feel like you can tell her anything. I’ve learned to take a more positive approach to situations and I know how to slow down my anxiety and keep calm. Also, my emotional and mental heath has improved including my sleep pattern, and my physical condition with less visits to the GP, and I’ve reduced my medication.” SC Barnstaple, June 2017

Anxiety / Depression “Heidi is a very caring therapist who made me feel relaxed and at ease. Heidi helped me relax and focus on my inner self and thought processes, and helped me put in place strategies to be more confident, relaxed, less anxious and believe in myself; hence be much more positive in my way of thinking. I am still doing them now on a daily basis.” BL Barnstaple, January 2017

Pain, Lack of Energy“The initial consultation explained the concept of hypnotherapy in a simple yet innovative way, making it easy to understand the workings of the brain.

The therapy was carried out in a professional and caring manner; there was true feeling that Heidi was behind me every step of the way. I experienced my session via Skype and each session was a complete success using this method.

The therapy benefited me in many ways and helped me enormously to cope during a particularly difficult time. The most noticeable benefits were: learning the value of gaining “headspace” to calm when overwhelmed by the enormity of my situation, setting time aside at bedtime to listen to the relaxation recording to aid more restful sleep, and understanding the power of my own thoughts and my perception of situations. By re-focusing on the positives (I am usually a positive person by writing down my daily positives reinforced the good on a seemingly bad day) and by reframing my perception of an event/task/situation I am now able to feel in control and more calm about facing difficult challenges.

You are an inspiration Heidi and a credit to your profession. Your passion and dedication is evident throughout each and every contact. Thank you!” PE, Kenilworth, January 2017

Low in Confidence “Over the course of the sessions I developed much greater confidence and a general feeling that I could do anything. I am now able to do things I never had the nerve to do before, such as - going for lunch on my own to a place I have never before, going swimming on my own - and feeling relaxed and not stiff with nerves! I also gained the ability to deal with stress in a far calmer and controlled way.” HD Barnstaple, December 2016

Relationship issue “The initial consultation was honest, transparent & professional and answered my queries. Hypnotherapy has put various issues into perspective, made me examine my own self and “failings” ie: contributory factors that I wasn’t able to see before, so blamed others incorrectly. It has made me look at all the positives in life each day and therefore made me appreciate life and people far more.

I think it has enabled me to tolerant people, more appreciative generally and hopefully a nicer, better person. It has made me recognise that I am in control of my life, life is what I choose to make it and given me tools for coping with difficult situations.”

HK Bude, October 2016

Drink Less Alcohol “I feel more relaxed, happy, and in control of the things that used to control me. I also feel very good about myself, and my health and physical condition is improving too. Many thanks!” BD Barnstaple, October 2016

Drink Less Alcohol “Hypnotherapy helped me to reduce the amount I drink. I am more relaxed, more confident and sleep better. I am also not as worried about small issues.” PA Barnstaple, August 2016

Weight Management “The initial consultation was very clear, I understood it perfectly. Hypnotherapy helped me learn to cope with situations better. I am a lot less stressed in general, and deal with things more calmly and less obsessively. Oh, and I have now lost 20lbs!” BN Lynton, July 2016

Anxiety “Hypnotherapy helped me to understand why I felt like I did and provided some practical tips in dealing with things - especially sleeping; enabling me to focus and resolve my problem by being more decisive about what I wanted.” CJ Braunton, June 2016

Anxiety “The professional explanation of ‘how the brain works’ was very helpful, and Heidi’s manner put me at ease. Hypnotherapy allowed me to be completely relaxed on my wedding day and to really enjoy it!” OB Barnstaple, May 2016

Anxiety “Hypnotherapy helped me in more ways than one for sure. I learnt how to relax and how to take a stressful situation, which would previously have made me anxious, and control it. It also helped me to travel to places I didn’t know, and meet and talk to people I didn’t know.” DC Wtatchet, May 2016

Lack of confidence in playing a musical instrument “Hypnotherapy helped to increase my self belief and ability to relax, resulting in improved musical performance.” WM Barnstaple, April 2016

Insomnia ”I now sleep a solid 6 hours a night, before hypnotherapy I was lucky if I got 4 hours very broken sleep. I am now less lethargic and more energetic. Thank you Heidi, I haven’t slept so much in years.” FJ Lynton, March 2016

Arachnophobia (fear of spiders) ”I had an irrational fear of spiders, something I have suffered from from a very young age. I couldn’t see a spider (in real life, on TV or in a picture) without panicking; increased heart rate, sweating and even sickness. I can now hold a tarantula and pick up spiders in a glass. Hypnotherapy has changed my life forever! I was worried that I would fail but Heidi was confident from day one. She was right, of course, and I now I live differently, it is life changing stuff. I couldn’t even say or write the word ‘spider’ and I now I can hold them and smile! Thank you Heidi.” BS Lynton, February 2016

Stop Smoking ”Heidi helped me to understand the way the brain responds to stopping smoking and I think that this helped me to understand that it is really easy to stop as long as you have this knowledge. "I think you're worth way more than £130, I haven't had a cigarette so you're worth your weight in gold!" ” DA Lynton, February 2016

Bruxism (teeth grinding) "The initial consultation was very clear and easily understood. I found you to be very person centred, humanistic in your approach. I am more aware of the level of stress I was carrying. The improved relaxation and positive outlook has decreased the stress levels and brought them into my awareness. I no longer clench / grind my teeth when I am stressed or concentrating. I sleep more deeply and have stopped clenching my teeth in my sleep too!” RL Porlock, January 2016

Anxiety ”The initial consultation was very helpful, a clear explanation of understanding our minds. Hypnotherapy benefitted me by increasing my awareness of how I am feeling and showed me techniques to take control; helped me to learn to focus on the positives more; helped me learn how to relax, and that it is important to make time and be proactive in order to regularly incorporate relaxation into daily life.” SC Ilfracombe, September 2015

Alcohol addiction ”The initial consultation was a positive experience and made me think there was hope. Before the therapy I was drinking 5-6 pints on a quiet night and 8-10 on a weekend night. I had two pints the other night to test myself. I didn’t like anything about them, and I’m not remotely interested in another drink.” WD N Devon, August 2015

Weight Management ”At my first consultation you explained it in a way that was to easy to understand. The therapy was carried out in a caring and professional way; you spoke to me on a level so I totally ‘got it’. It benefitted me by helping to reduce my anxiety levels and get my confidence back ie; going out – I go out most weekends with friends now.”

“Hypnotherapy helped me to focus on controlling my weight, at present I have lost 22lbs! I’m so glad I came to see you. I didn’t recognise myself, now looking back I am a different person thanks to you.” SP Bideford, August 2015

ness with food, which helped with my weight. Now I can relax and I don’t take my anxieties forward. And I’ve stopped taking my antidepressants altogether!” CG Bideford, July 2015

Anxiety ”I found the initial consultation interesting. Heidi is very caring, professional and easy to talk to. Hypnotherapy helped me to relax and my sleep has improved – since my sessions I’ve stopped taking sleeping tablets. I am happier in myself and my outlook on life is much happier too!” SN Exeter, July 2015

Nyctophobia - Fear of the Dark “Hypnotherapy - it’s good! After suffering for over 60 years I no longer feel frightened of the dark.” BM Fremington, May 2015

To become pregnant & carry a baby full term “Hypnotherapy really helped me cope, I don’t think I could have survived the early days without it. I found great benefit from positive thinking and the relaxation techniques.” JH Dulverton, April 2015

Wanted to be Organised & Focused "I learnt not to let the little things upset me. Before if one bad thing happened in a day it would ruin the whole day for me. But I've now learnt to focus on all the other good things that happen and I'm living a happier life. It's very fulfilling and I feel so much happier now." PP Ilfracombe, April 2015

Stop Smoking “After many years trying to give up smoking you have helped me quit! Thank you so much.” WS Ilfracombe, March 2015

Phobia – Fear of Water ”I had a fear of water and hypnotherapy enabled me to take a holiday cruising on the river Nile. I am now looking at another similar holiday.” CV Barnstaple, March 2015

Anxiety & Depression ”I felt ‘unstuck’ before but now I have started the projects that I have procrastinated about and I feel more in control - as a result I am taking the lowest dose of medication in 7 years!” BC Dulverton, January 2015

Weight ”The initial consultation felt very comfortable and included a helpful explanation of the process – the CD helped enormously both prior to the therapy sessions and subsequent to them.”

“These were great sessions of relaxation, and addressing the issues which affect my over-eating and my capacity to restrict that. Moreover, I believe that there will be longer term and other benefits to my “thinking and behaving” process.”

“The therapy was carried out in a caring and professional manner – I would do it all again!” LI Northam, January 2015

Stress and Anxiety “Hypnotherapy made me think in a different way. In the initial consultation you drew a diagram of the brain and the different parts, it gave me a completely new outlook. I was able to identify when I was using the irrational part of my brain. I am definitely a more positive person.” BK Barnstaple, December 2014

Sleep problems “I am sleeping well, and I’m generally more relaxed and less stressed – back to my happy self. I can now recognise behaviours and why they occur therefore I am more readily able to deal with them using techniques Heidi has taught me.” GS Barnstaple, October 2014

Drink problem “If I hadn’t had the chance to work with you, to unravel some of the disorder in my life and in my head, I would be in a very bad place now. You gave me the strategies and thought processes I needed to cope with the challenges I encountered everyday. I have a drink now because I know I have earned it, through hard work or emotional effort, rather than because I feel I can’t cope without it. I enjoy it now, rather than feel guilty about it and that’s a huge step forward. Thank you.” MW Barnstaple. September 2014

Stop Smoking "I haven’t smoked since 2nd May 2014. My breathing has improved; my sense of smell has also improved. My general well-being has improved. It feels good not to have to smoke!” HN Minehead. September 2014

Weight, Self Esteem, Confidence "Hypnotherapy focused my thoughts. I feel more in control and able to change things in my life for the better. I am generally less ‘manic’ and more easy going. I’ve stopped taking anti-depressants and I take fewer pain killers too.” DS Lynton. August 2014

Anxiety, Self Esteem “I got a good impression of how hypnotherapy works during the initial consultation, and it left me feeling positive and hopeful that I could change. Hypnotherapy made me more aware of my thoughts and that by visualising a positive outcome, to a particular situation, made it more likely to result in an actual positive outcome. I focus more now on the good stuff too! Many thanks for your help.” KD Umberleigh. August 2014

Fear of Flying “I was able to fly! I didn’t feel anxious on the run-up to the holiday, and Ienjoyed waiting in the departure lounge. My partner and I are now planning a couple of nights away – flying without the children! Thank you so much.” WN Landkey. July 2014

Anxiety, Depression “My initial consultation was very welcoming, open and honest. Heidi was warm and understanding and I was made to feel at ease very quickly. Heidi explained Hypnotherapy and how it can work and how we could work together to achieve the best outcome. I came to Heidi when I was suffering from quite severe headaches, which I had not put down to anxiety or feeling stressed. I wanted help to be more positive in life and have had past trauma and upset which I thought I had come to terms with. However, after a recent separation from a partner had realised I was vulnerable and was noticing the signs of anxiety and possible depression.

Heidi introduced me to positive thinking and relaxation. I had not slept well for months and on the first night of using her CD I fell asleep quickly, before the end. This along with using a ‘good things’ book - I started to feel the benefit immediately. I was less tired, more upbeat and happier. I noticed a significant change in me; I was more positive and started to take actions to achieve goals.

In further sessions Heidi helped me to consider things in different ways, identify areas in which to develop and put plans into place to help me achieve these. I learnt about negativity and ways in which to avoid this. Heidi recommended relevant reading and the use of Mindfulness which I have taken on board and have started to practice. As a result of more positive thinking and actions I started to notice I was making choices and this lead to positive things happening; a move in house back near to family and friends and successfully getting a new job. The positive things just kept coming then! Family and friends also noticed the changes in me. I can honestly say I have benefited enormously from Heidi’s support and therapy and I really have turned my life around. Heidi – heartfelt thanks.” AW Minehead. March 2014

Unwanted Habit “Hypnotherapy really made me think about myself and my habit, and enabled me to understand why, and feel that I finally had the power to free myself from it. Also to relax, using breathing techniques to help me relax on the go. I feel so much happier and confident!” MK Porlock. January 2014

Depression “Hypnotherapy has helped me to feel much more positive. I’ve also stopped taking as many painkillers.” BE Yelland. November 171113

Depression “I feel more relaxed and can let things go instead of dwelling on them for too long. I’m laughing far more too! I can think more clearly, and get on with jobs and activities in a more definite and positive way.” PL Nr Minehead. November 201113

Pain, Anxiety “I was having dreadful cramps in my back, down my spine, especially upon sitting down or getting into bed; these have now gone and I can now get into bed at night and sit down in a chair and relax.” VC Porlock. October 2013

IBS ”Hypnotherapy helped me to relax at bedtime enabling me to sleep much better; sleeping longer without waking and better quality sleep. IBS is not so severe.” GA North Molton. September 2013

Weight Loss/Lack of Confidence “Who would have thought my life would turn around so quickly! Sleeping almost every night, going to the gym 3 times a week and already lost 8lb – so thank you very much. Hypnotherapy has completely changed my sleep pattern and given me a new outlook on my life.” GA Bickington. August 2013

Anxiety “I feel so much better within myself now, very confident and a 100% more positive. My partner has made many comments about how much more relaxed and calm I am, and that I don’t seem stressed by anything like I used to. I am so glad I found Heidi, she is such a caring lady who has turned my life around. Thank you.” CJ Woolacombe. August 2013

Self Esteem, Motivation “The Initial Consultation was very good; clear and explained well for the layman. Hypnotherapy has helped immensely to give me focus and to calm my noisy mind. In fact, now I am training in Hypnotherapy myself!” DM Holsworthy. July 2013

Anxiety & Stress, Confidence ”Hypnotherapy has made me see everyday tasks / obstacles I face in a different way. It’s helped me to act positively instead of negatively. Now I live everyday as if it’s my last and I am a lot happier.” HS Barnstaple. June 2013

Depression “The initial consultation helped to explain what was actually involved. Airing my problems to someone who didn’t know me was a huge first step forward. Hypnotherapy has made me a lot more self aware and given me tools to stop my thinking running off in downward spirals. I feel I have gained an ability to see things more positively and stop being so hard on myself. A huge thanks for all your help.” IA Braunton. January 2013

Emetophobia - Fear of Vomit “I have really enjoyed my sessions. I am so happy that after nearly 5 years of suffering I am out the other side a stronger and happier person. The therapy was carried out in a relaxing, caring and professional way. Excellent! I now have more confidence in different situations, and can focus on how I want my life to be.” RN Barnstaple. December 2012

Nail Biting "I feel more confident and have a more positive outlook. I now make more time to do things that make me happy. Thank you so much. Not only have you made me feel more confident about my nails but also about how I approach other challenges in my life." GN Braunton. North Devon November 2012

Compulsive Eating "The reason I came to see Heidi was because I was a Compulsive Eater in the evenings (that’s how I thought of it). I have now lost 13lbs and I hope the pattern will continue! I can now organize my feelings in a quiet manner; I am calmer and the tension has gone from my body." JJ Barnstaple. North Devon October 2012

Anxiety "Hypnotherapy has made me less anxious and able to cope with the problems I have to face each day. I am also able to use lifts now – which wasn’t something we worked on! Heidi is a caring person; I felt completely at ease and able to trust her with my problems." BB Barnstaple, North Devon, September 2012

Anxiety "Before I came to see you I had bouts of anxiety. This has virtually stopped and I feel much more confident. Many thanks for your help!" MA Goodleigh, North Devon. August 2012

Bulimia "The initial consultation was very reassuring. It gave me a great insight and made me feel very comfortable. Extremely caring and genuine manner – clearly you want to help others! The therapy has taught me some very helpful coping methods. Thank you." RH Barnstaple, North Devon. July 2012

Anger "The initial consultation was very detailed and easy to understand. Quite enlightening! The therapy produced amazing effects on my happiness, mood and positivity. Thank you." LG Kentisbury, North Devon. July 2012

Weight Management, Stress "I was not sure what to expect. Heidi put me at ease straight away and explained everything at my level perfectly. Heidi explained why I was feeling the way I was, and the mechanisms behind how the mind processes what’s happening emotionally – I hadn’t made the connection. She gave me some great techniques to take to situations that have been difficult for me in the past. She also supported me in changing aspects of my work day to help with my sleeplessness and stress issues.

I am so glad I decided to see Heidi, she is professional and “human” at the same time – really understands how best to guide you through your issues – fantastic, fabulous – really helpful – amazing results!" AM Kentisbury, North Devon. July 2012

Panic Attacks "I feel more relaxed and confident. Heidi, you have really helped me to relax and deal with things in a better and happier way. I hope I don’t have to see you again but if I ever need help in the future it will be you I call first! Many thanks." CE Northam, North Devon. June 2012

Weight Loss "The initial consultation was very good, explaining fully how the brain works (and tricks you!). I now have a much more positive ‘get up and go’ mood about me, and achieve a lot more everyday. Also, I have lost 10lbs and off on holiday tomorrow!!" JS Braunton, North Devon. April 2012

Panic Attacks "The initial consultation was explained very clearly, and in a positive manner which in turn made me feel positive about continuing. The therapy was carried out in a professional and yet informal manner, so I felt relaxed. Caring and attentive, so not once did I feel hurried because of time. I felt like everything I had to say was treated as valid and relevant.

Firstly, my sleep has improved! Secondly, the therapy unlocked some deeper issues that had been building for some time that my insomnia magnified. So I came away not only better for sleeping well but also able to move forward again and leave those issues behind.

I could go on and on! For me, this therapy (and you, Heidi!) far exceeded my expectations and I got so much more out of it than I bargained for. In short, I feel like I’ve got my old self back. Thank you." BT Croyde, North Devon. March 2012

Anxiety “The initial consultation instilled confidence and I was excited about the forthcoming process. The therapy helped me to move forward in a positive manner. I had been debilitated for so long – it worked within the first week! Heidi knows her stuff and presents and interacts in a way that is beneficial; her personality leans towards making the process very ‘user friendly’. Heidi has given me my life back.” GM Bideford, North Devon. February 2012

Panic Attacks "I am pleased to say that I now no longer suffer from panic attacks and sleep problems. I am so pleased I met Heidi, I am so much better." CH Northam, North Devon. March 2012

Acrophobia - Fear of Heights "Hypnotherapy has given me the confidence to get over a lot of obstacles in my life. Heidi has completely altered my life - I am so grateful to her." LD Yelland, North Devon. February 2012

Bereavement "The therapy was carried out in my GPs health centre where I felt on safe grounds. Heidi was very professional in her approach and therapy. I appreciated not being spoken down to but having everything explained to me. Hypnotherapy taught me to relax, in turn I was able to sleep well and this gave me the energy to take on the world!" CJ Yelland, N Devon. December 2011

IBS "Hypnotherapy aided my sleep, and made me feel stronger in character and able to stand up for myself more. Your way of dealing with me was kindness itself. You will be highly recommended." NJ Goodleigh, N Devon. December 2011

Claustrophobia "I have now managed lifts and escalators, now looking forward to the EuroTunnel!" BP Umberleigh, North Devon. October 2011

Fear of Public Speaking " Hypnotherapy has helped me to overcome a long fear and enabled me to read at my sister's wedding. I'm so very grateful, thank you. " NC, Lynton. October 2011

Fear of Flying "I never thought I could ever get to relax whilst flying. I do not suffer from the stress I used to have whenever I had to fly, I even get to sleep the night prior to my flight. For me the therapy has made my life a lot easier. Now I even enjoy flying!!" MI, Lynton. October 2011

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