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Christmas? How do you see it?

I was recently talking to another hypnotherapist about the rapidly approaching holiday season and we realised it's meaning and value varied tremendously . There are those who think that unless family are around it's just not Christmas; others see it as a time to chill out; some want to have a fun filled time; others want to give something back and volunteer to help those less fortunate; as well as those celebrating the religious festival itself.

And it is just that - isn't it? 'How we see it' - is why it means different things to different people. And we can make it anything we'd like it to be depending on how we decide to think about it.

It can be very helpful to identify 'how you would like your Christmas to be' - so you can take action...

• Want to have more fun? Why not put a call out and arrange a gathering or contact a really good friend for a get together.

• Want less stress cooking the dinner? Who can help?

• Do you have to do what you've always done? What would help you enjoy it more?

• Want more time to yourself? Put 'you' in your diary!

• Snuggle down with a good film or a book and switch that phone off?

• Want to spend more time with family but they live too far away? Maybe arrange a Skype session or two.

Whatever you choose – I wish you a wonder festive time!


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