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Good Stress - Bad Stress

Short term stress can enable us function at our optimum level and help to boost our energy – preparing for a presentation or exam, sporting event or interview for example. As long as the periods of stress are short and un-sustained a certain amount of stress is a good thing.

However, if we experience sustained stress - constant worrying over our work, relationships, health, family etc, this can have adverse mental and physical affects on our well being. When we produce an overload of stress hormones (adrenalin and cortisol) our immune system becomes suppressed.

Under excessive pressure we all respond in one of three ways; anxiety, depression or anger – or a combination of all three. These states are ancient animal responses that evolved to help us survive, they over-ride our ability to think sensibly, and ensure we react intuitively to potentially life threatening situations.

In today’s world we are rarely exposed to mortal danger so ‘perceived danger’ now takes a form congruent with our lives in the 21st century and we respond with symptoms adapted to the stresses of modern day life; psychological symptoms of depression, addiction, OCD, panic attacks, eating disorders, sleep problems, sexual disorders and phobias; possible resultant physiological manifestations are skin disorders, migraine, IBS etc.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy promotes relaxation and focuses on the positive things in life, consequently lowering anxiety and stress. Naturally, it is impossible to feel anxious or stressed and relaxed at the same time.

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