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Aim for Better Sleep...

Sleep deprivation is used as a form of torture... so it is no wonder that when we experience chronic insomnia we can suffer in some way.


Modern living can see our stress levels build up quite quickly. With our increasingly busy and hectic lifestyles, finding ourselves constantly juggling work schedules, finances and family life it’s easy to find ourselves feeling too stressed to get regular good nights’ sleep.


As human beings we have a wonderful way of lowering our stress levels and that’s by sleeping well. When we go to sleep at night the brain reduces our stress levels through the process of Rapid Eye Movement sleep (REM). REM is limited to 20% of our sleep pattern, with the other 80% given over to repairing and rejuvenating our physical bodies (slow wave sleep). When we experience sustained stress this pattern becomes disrupted and as a result people can find their sleep is wakeful and they can struggle to go back to sleep again.


Solution Focused Hypnotherapy helps people to relax and lower their stress levels by helping them to focus on the positive aspects of their lives - this contributes towards lessening unhealthy negative thinking and excessive worrying that only serves to exacerbate stress - and to find solutions to pertinent issues, as well as using safe hypnotic techniques to further reduce stress. Through this process, in the comfort of my consulting room, I find that my clients can feel more relaxed and then, over a relatively short period of time (and in some cases straight away!), experience a good night’s sleep.


“Heidi introduced me to positive thinking and relaxation. I had not slept well for months and on the first night of using her CD I fell asleep quickly, before the end. I started to feel the benefit immediately. I was less tired, more upbeat and happier. I noticed a significant change in me; I was more positive and started to take actions to achieve goals.”


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